Water Proof Coating Hi – Cool

We are one of the prominent green building material manufacturers, exporters, and supporters of Waterproof Coatings in India. Our green mineral waterproof coatings are extensively demanded in the market due to its high quality and effective performance. Our Waterproof Coatings one of its kind products available in the market, give assurance of the best waterproof and thermal proof coating. You can avail our Waterproof Coatings easily at affordable prices.

Brand Name :

Hi – Cool

Why Our Waterproof Coating?

  • With insulation mineral and fibers
  • Keep the temperatures cool inside the building
  • Green building material
  • Excellent heat and water proofing
  • Easy to apply
  • Effective performance
  • Cost effective

Applications :

  • Base coat on exterior walls of building
  • RCC roof
  • Plastered surfaces
  • Weather tiles
  • Water tanks
  • Effective performance

How To Apply?

  • Clean surface neatly by using a hard brush
  • Clean lose material from surface
  • Fill the holes, cracks, and rough surface with raw HI-Cool
  • Leave it for four hours for drying, then prepare our Waterproof Coatings to apply
  • Dilute Hi-Cool in 400-500 ml water, then stir well and apply on the surface
  • For best results, apply two coats within the interval of 4-5 hours

Area of Applications

  • Above RCC Roof as water and thermal proof coating
  • As Base Coat on Heat radiating Exterior, Interior Walls
  • Above plastered Surfaces of Sunken Areas
  • As Protective coating above Weather Tiles
  • FOr Water Tanks as Anti Dampness Coat.
  • Added fibres protect roof and walls from surface cracks.
  • Can be applied on all surfaces Wherever water proofing and thermal Insulation is required.

Packing’s Available:

10 KG

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