Paver Blocks & Concrete Tiles

Paver Blocks & Concrete Tiles are technically well designed, stronger than application needs and are available in several design and finish options.Normally one either has pavers with good finish or pavers with good strength. From ramtech you have Pavers with the highest strength and aesthetic finish.


  • Less maintenance
  • Year round all weather installation possible
  • High Strength and longer life as compared to other paving materials.
  • Major Cost savings
  • Less absorbent than asphalt and poured concrete
  • Reusable after removal for changes to underground utilities.
  • More attractive than asphalt and poured concrete.
  • Stronger in winter and not prone to cracking etc.

Paver Blocks

  • Available Sizes: 40mm & 60mm
  • Available Colors: Grey & Red terracotta

Concrete Tiles

  • Available Sizes: 1 x 1 x 25mm
  • Available Colors: Grey & Red terracotta
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